About The Sapphire Sea

A writer of poetry living in the United Kingdom and observing what happens around me. I have a passion for disability rights and sometimes get too close to this to help, so have stepped back for a while. At school I disliked literature, due to the tough bullying teacher, but this didn’t stop me reading, although my writing was hampered at the time. My reading was engrained into me very early and so my tastes are wide ranging. But now I am slowly beginning to read less than I did after a lifetime of reading epics including recently War and Peace. I love books and might blog about some that have changed me or I have been inspired by. But mostly this will be a poetry blog.

What goes on below the surface is ninety percent of what makes us tick.

Christian and vegan for the planet, and for humanity. Interested in making the world a better place for all and sharing beautiful memorable words and feelings, that move me. This is a place to share the poetry I love and perhaps some of my own jottings too that have surfaced during this coronavirus pandemic.

My Poems are all here. https://sapphiresea.org/my-poems/

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