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For a sustainable future, it is vital that we use the next decade to reverse climate change and allow the planet to reset itself to the moderate weather cycles that protect life.  We cannot keep wrecking the rain forest and suffering extreme winters and hot summers.

With the weight of competing ethical virtue signals being of importance to everyone now if they can afford it, or aren’t weighed down by the ordinary cares of the world, how do we sift out the ones that are most important to us right now?  Do we have time and information space in our memories to help the animals, women, homeless, or the young with learning disabilities?  With poetry then we can instantly be inspired and alerted to these issues and others. 

  Whilst pausing to reflect on air pollution, I am minded of the Quality of Life of my autistic non-verbal son in his care home near to a busy road. We have the capacity to help all people to live lives free from poverty and social exclusion.  How can we do this?  Helping to build a greener world is one way.  But in my experience it isn’t happening in our society at present.  This and other differences in equal access are what make it  tough for some of us to live a reasonable life filled with warmth and compassion and free from limitations of opportunities and horizons.

One of the most inspirational recent young environmentalists has been Bella Lack who has worked alongside Born Free to help elephants in the tourist industry who are treated cruelly and callously by their captors to make them compliant and break their spirits.

If you want to help the elephants watch Born Free’s short film here. https://youtu.be/YkBeoQptRp0